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Will Major League Baseball Ever Come To Portland?

If you’re a baseball fan in Portland April can be pretty frustrating as just about every other major city in the United States has their own baseball team and with the 2016 MLB season quickly approaching some Portland baseball fans are left dreaming about what could happen if an MLB team were to call Portland home. 

Why Not Portland?

We have an awesome fan base that already loves a wide variety of sports, great weather for most of the year, excellent craft breweries, a thriving economy and plenty of great spots for a stadium so why isn’t there an MLB team in Portland?

For some locals like Lynn Lashbrook, an educator and local sports agent, Portland is made for baseball and it’s only a matter of time until the MLB chooses Portland for their next team.

“We do our 20,000 season ticket signups with our new website…our goal is to show Major League Baseball we have 20,000 season ticket holders ready to get involved, both politically in the mayor’s race as well as helping attract a team. Whether it’s the Oakland A’s or an expansion team,” he said.

Portland is the 22nd largest television market in the country. It’s bigger than a half dozen Major League cities, including Lashbrook’s beloved Kansas City. Lashbrook said there are two perfect spots for stadiums in Portland.

“The Memorial Coliseum site, which is a little political, but it doesn’t do service to our fallen soldier,” Lashrbook said. “And the school district site.  We’ve got the infrastructure, the light rail, the transportation. Look how successful the Blazers and the Timbers have been.”consultant, of the 20 people that have been in the last three years, have even said we are wasting our time with our vision, because baseball is going to expand if they don’t relocate.”

Yes, Lashbrook has been trying for close to 20 years to bring Major League Baseball to Portland and the fire is still burning to make it happen.

“Why wouldn’t you want to have sports as an addition to a quality of life and it’s an economic engine as well as a quality of life?” Lashbrook asked. “It’s a no-brainer and it’s a chance to give back to the community. That’s why I’m passionate about it.”

Source – kgw.com

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