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“Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!…” comes to Portland

Are you a news junkie? Did you get thrown out of geek trivia for caring too much about the relevant? Do you notice eyes rolling when you walk in on a Kardashian discussion in the kitchen at work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Portland5 may just have the perfect night of entertainment for you.

About “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!…”

The popular NPR radio show, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!  …” will bring a live version of their show to Portland. The questions that they ask on the show are much different than the questions at geek trivia nights that are held around the city. This particular quiz won’t ask about Eminem’s upbringing or the first Star War’s movie; this quiz focuses on facts from the previous week’s news stories.

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Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!  is in it’s 19th year on NPR and Peter Sagal has been the host for eighteen and a half of those years. The show is normally presented in the Chase Bank Building in Chicago in front of a live audience.   Contestants call in and they are asked a series of questions by Mr. Sagal.

The panelist make comments about the various news stories in question. The contestant’s scores are tabulated by Bill Kurtis, who also functions as the shows judge. Mr. Kurtis is a journalist who is best known for hosting true crime series such as Cold Case Files and American Justice. He often refers to himself with humorous monikers such as, “adora-Bill: or “The Mother’s Day present your mom really wants.”

After a question is asked and answered the panelist proceed to have a discussion about the subject of the question. A caller was recently asked who gave away refrigerator magnets to celebrate their candidacy. The caller answered that the magnet enthusiast was, “The inevitable Hillary Clinton.” One panelist remarked that the prize was the only thing about Hillary that was magnetic. Another said that the Bernie or Bust activist should realize that the “bust” was that of Secretary Clinton’s.

The panelist themselves are an eclectic mix of wits from around the country. Recurring panelist include; conservative humorist PJ O’Rourke, Motel 6 spokesman Tom Bodett and advice columnist Amy Dickinson. Celebrity guest panelist have included actor Drew Carey and comedian Keegan-Michael Key.

Although many quiz shows offer handsome cash prizes, the victors on Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!  get a more unique prize. Carl Kasell the former score keeper of the game will record a voice mail message for them. Aside from his duties on the popular radio show, Mr. Kasell was a news announcer on All Things Considered and Weekend Edition.

The show has several regular features including, Not My Job which features celebrities taking a three question quiz which has nothing at all to do with their area of expertise. Recently, Craig Fugate head of FEMA answered questions about the beverage Zima which was an alcoholic beverage that failed. Josh Groban answered questions about elevators and Richard Dreyfuss was quizzed about Fonzie.

“Bluff the Listener,” is a feature in which contestants hear three related stories, one of which is true and two of which are fake. The listener must determine which of the stories are real. The quiz proves that truth is often stranger than fiction.

Don’t Miss Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Takes the stage at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall at 7:30 p.m. on June 23rd and 24th. Tickets to the show range from $35.00 to $125.00. If that seems like a wide price range you should know that those persons paying $125.00 will receive a bling bag including a Best of Wait Wait CD sampler, a Wait Wait water bottle and other surprises.

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