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UFC Fight Night Portland Oregon Update

By Portland Metro Live

PORTLAND, Ore. – It’s hard to believe that UFC Fight Night Portland Oregon is almost here and October 1st can’t arrive any quicker with the news that John Lineker will face John Dodson when the UFC returns to Portland for the first time in seven years.


John Lineker

Lineker versus Dodson

The UFC recently confirmed that Lineker will face Dodson and fight fans went nuts because Lineker is a top notch fighter who has literally been unmatched in his fights but when he faces Dodson that could literally be the fight of his career since Dodson could literally be classified as Lineker’s equal since their abilities are so similar.

UFC Fight Night Portland Oregon

John Dodson

About John Dodson

Sine getting his weight back up to 135 pounds, John Dodson has been impressive including his 37-second knockout of Manny Gamburyan back in in April and since he’s already knocked out TJ Dillashaw, the UFC former champ, one can only guess that Dodson wants to move up in the ranks but he’s going to have to take down Lineker before he gets to where he wants to go.

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Tickets for UFC Fight Night Portland Oregon will finally be on sale on August 26th 2016 and there’s even more matches that the UFC has yet to announce so bookmark this blog for updates regarding UFC Fight Night in Portland Oregon and future UFC fights around the world.