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Portland Broker of the Week – Nick Shivers

Research has continually proven the power of networking. Nowhere is this more evident than in the real estate business. While many succeed in real estate, to truly excel one must have a competitive edge. According to Nick Shivers, principle broker leading the WestOne Properties Group, networking is the edge.

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Nick Shivers

The WestOne Properties Group started with Shivers fifteen years ago. Back then, he was going down the road alone, as is typical for anyone starting out in real estate. “I started this the traditional way, the way most agents do, as a single practitioner,” he says. “But I had to move it up because I was getting tired.”

Shivers believes his business has reached maximum optimal performance by having a solid group of people behind him. “The traditional real estate model is that the agent does everything,” he explains. “I don’t believe any business can be successful without specialists.”

Being able to provide specialists with expertise in specific regions provides a level of service single agents can’t provide, for multiple reasons.

“Not only are you going to get a local market specialist,” he continues, “but you’re also going to get a regional specialist because we have agents from Southwest Washington down to Wilsonville working as a team.”

Having a group with a large footprint is essential to successfully buying and selling properties in a hot market. Shivers takes this philosophy beyond the local market alone.

“We are connected with the top one-hundred agents in the country,” he says. “You want local, regional and national exposure. Knowing that Oregon is the number one relocation market in the country, that national exposure is important and is what has made us so successful.”

Being able to operate in such a wide swath of territory has resulted in a near constant expansion of Shivers’ team, which now sits at fifteen people. Each specialist operates in their own metro area and carries with them a unique knowledge of the neighborhood, with Shivers himself providing a wealth of knowledge.

Ask him where the next hot Portland neighborhood will be and he doesn’t hesitate. “I think the next market to blow up is the Milwaukie area,” he asserts. “There are parts of Woodstock that are already hot, but if you drop down further, that’s where your biggest bang is.”

Since the Shivers’ group also sells in southwest Washington, he has a unique perspective on the Clark County real estate market. “When Portland is doing well, Vancouver is doing well,” he states matter-of-factly.

While many discount Vancouver as a less-developed sister city to Portland, Shivers points out Vancouver’s significant advantages over its southern neighbor.

“If you look at southwest Washington, Clark County specifically has schools that are rated better than a lot of schools in Portland,” he explains. “The second thing is, it’s cheaper to live there. As people are selling their properties and looking for a bit of bang for their buck, I think they are going to hop over the river.”

Washington’s favorable tax climate also serves as a big draw for Portland businesses. As more and more businesses move their operations north of the border, Clark County stands to gain.

At the same time, Shivers cautions how this will impact the market. As it is, Vancouver inventory is at its lowest point in a long time.

“You are not going to see a slowdown in Clark County,” he bluntly says. “Clark County hasn’t had this low of inventory in over a decade. They are below two months of inventory, which is unbelievable.”

As Vancouver and the surrounding bedroom communities try to handle the explosive growth of the region, Portland’s unique culture and vibe are at stake. It’s no secret that Portland traffic is some of the worst in the nation.

Fortunately, Shivers is optimistic that Portland’s unique feel will survive. While many believe the people moving here will destroy Portland’s culture, Shivers takes the opposite view.

“Because of the influx of the type of person that’s looking for the culture, the hipness, I think – besides the traffic – things will pretty much stay the same,” he says. “The overall feel of Portland I don’t think will change much because the people that are moving here want this type of vibe, so they will help keep it that way.”

As people continue to go against the suburban trend and relocate to city centers, expect the explosive growth to continue, with the Portland metro area being no exception. Shivers expects to ride this wave to continued success in the market.

“If you look at anything urban nationwide, it’s hot, hot, hot,” he says. “And it’s going to continue to be hot.”WestOne Properties Group

So, if you’re looking for someone to guide you through the heat of the market, Nick Shivers and his WestOne Properties Group, backed by Keller Williams, offers competently cool advice with a nationwide footprint.


To contact the WestOne Properties Group, visit their website or give them a call. Their Portland office can be reached at 503.594.0805 and their Washington office at 360.521.6000.

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