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Portland Brokers of the Week  – Phil Wax – Bob Broad – Shauna White

When it comes to real estate, it’s easy to want to be all things for all people. This is the motivation that drives most agents. Yet there are many aspects to a deal and deals of different types; is there merit to combining forces and working as a cohesive unit? Apparently so, if you ask Shauna White, principle broker and New Construction Division Manager for the Portland Home Team.

The Portland Home Team arose as a combination of three successful Portland real estate teams. The first was that of Phil Wax, who specialized in the listing side. The second was that of Bob Broad, who handled working with buyers. Shauna White and her experience with new home sales rounded out the trio.

With Our Powers Combined…

All teams combined, Portland Home Team sits at fifteen people. They touch on all aspects of the transaction, whether it be residential, commercial, or investments; on homes, condos, or townhouses.

According to Shauna White, specializing in every aspect of the business gives Portland Home Team an edge. “You are going to come to us with a specific real estate need and we are going to match you with a person who is a specialist in that area,” she says.

A wealth of experience backs up White’s specialist claim. She started out on the real estate path at age nineteen, ready to go straight out of high school. And in a male-dominated society where it’s clear women are still not on equal footing, White was undeterred, seeing her gender as an asset rather than a liability.

“I find that in real estate there are more successful women than there are men,” she says, correctly. According to the National Association of Realtors, female agents outnumber men. “I attribute that to being that real estate is often as much an emotional decision as a financial one,” she finishes – an entirely logical assumption.

Even so, success in the market has nothing to do with what one’s gender is. In the end, the only thing that will set one apart from the competition is their level of competence and ability to execute. Is this where Portland Home Team shines?

Detailing the Market

White demonstrates with her commands of the facts. “We are the number three city in the nation for influx of people coming in,” she explains. “There are big developments in the Washington County area. I think we’re going to see several hundred acres in that area where they are contemplating developments over the next fifteen years.”

Thanks to the explosive growth of Nike, Intel, and other denizens of the ‘Silicon Forest”, real estate prospects west of the Vista Ridge Tunnel will continue to dominate new growth. “I would also say the Cooper and Bull Mountain areas in Tigard. Some of the national builders have several hundred lots in the development stage right now,” says White.

Despite the rush of new development, White doesn’t see the market letting up anytime soon. “We’re not going to be able to keep up with the demand,” she says.

Although some are saying the Portland rental market has peaked, we are still stuck in an interesting dichotomy, as White explains. “We don’t normally see rent and price increases at the same time,” she says. “Normally they yin and yang, but with the continued influx of people, I see prices continuing to rise.”

Words no Portlander likes to hear, but true none-the-less. Fortunately, there are developments in the works to help alleviate the housing crunch. Working with these builders is White’s specialty, especially where it comes to the particularly Portland-esque virtue of green building and living.

Seeing Green

“I was introduced to new construction about ten years ago,” she says. “Green building was fairly new at the time, but Portland kind of led the industry in being passionate about the concept.”

Are we surprised that Portland was at the vanguard of environmentally conscious green building standards? Being at the forefront of the movement has given White a unique level of experience in dealing with new, green technologies.

“It’s easy to use the term ‘green’ and kind of just throw it around,” she asserts, “but you need to be really good at looking at the overall impact and energy savings, which equal cost savings for the end consumer. I need to be educated on the plusses and minuses so that I can educate my clients,” she finishes.

Portlnad Home Team Logo

Educating clients on what is best for them, whether they are buying or selling, is what the Portland Home Team is all about. If you are looking to buy or sell in the Portland Metro area, looking at new construction or resale, investment or otherwise, chances are they’ve got the specialist you need. For more information give them a call at 503.222.4300 or visit their website at

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