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The Hollywood Theater offers monthly film events

The Hollywood Theater offers monthly film events

Portland is nothing if it is not introspective. A Portlander will analyze everything, from the flavor composition of his French fries, to the eco impact of the sleeve on the cup of his organic, sustainable, third wave coffee. We here in Bridgetown like to take apart what others take for granted and The Hollywood Theater gives us a chance to analyze the pop culture, ridicule it and show our knowledge ability of it on a very regular basis and for a very low price.

Every month, the theater has several regular events that are aimed at movie lovers and those individuals who have an ironic appreciation for the pop culture. Getting to Know Youtube, Hecklevision and Movie Quiz night are a few of the things Portlanders can enjoy on a regular basis at the Hollywood.

According to the theaters website Getting to Know YouTube is an event where audience members can take, “a journey into YouTube’s deepest caverns of collective consciousness and unearth hidden treasures.” The evening consists of various presenters dissertaining the various social and political ramifications of several YouTube videos. After each 15 minute presentation there is a question and answer period for the audience. The shows usually takes place on a Monday night once a month.

This month’s show will feature a presentation by Jabari Jordan-Walker who is one of the developers of a curatorial initiative called Future Proof. Future Proof is dedicated to investigating the development of conspiracy theories and the role that the media plays in these theories. Mr. Jordan will present YouTube videos that illustrate these ideas.

Tickets to this Monday’s Getting to Know YouTube are $5.00 and the show begins at 9:30 p.m.

Nothing makes a person feel quite as good about himself or herself as the ability to find flaws in the creative work of others. The experience is even more gratifying if the person you are making fun of is someone who is wealthy and respected. Hecklevision gives viewers the chance to make fun of some of Hollywood’s most well know celluloid failures while surrounded by a large crowd of supportive strangers.

About once a month The Hollywood Theater shows a bad movie and though a technology called MuVChat viewers can text their insulting remarks and have them appear on screen as the movie plays. The technology allows hecklers make there snarky remarks without straining their voices. It also allows people to make comments anonymously, so if they say something lame they won’t get ridiculed themselves.

This month, the 1986 film Howard the Duck receives the dubious honor of being the heckled movie of the night. Produced by George Lucas, the film is based on a Marvel comic and centers on an alien from a planet of ducks who comes to earth after a violent earthquake propels him into outer space. The film stars Tim Robbins as a janitor posing as a scientist and Lea Thompson as the duck’s love interest.

Howard the Duck shows on Monday, March 20 at 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $8.00. The event is sponsored by Deschutes Brewery.

Portland reputation for its weirdness is only surpassed by its reputation for geekiness and nothing says geeky and proud of it as much as a good game of movie trivia. Once a month The Hollywood Theater presents The Movie Quiz.

The quiz is hosted by Mark Patten and comedian Steven Wilber. Teams consist of one to four people and the quiz is broken into two halves with four rounds in each half. The questions consist of trivia from all different genres and eras of film. Prizes will be given out to the top three teams.

This month’s quiz will take place on Monday, March 30 at 9:30 p.m. tickets are $5.00.

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