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The 38th annual Portland International Film Festival brings diversity to town

The 38th annual Portland International Film Festival brings diversity to town

It’s the weekend, you’ve had a very hard week and you want to get away. You are too broke and tired to afford an actual vacation, so you will have to settle for a mental and emotional escape.

When you think of escapism, you can’t help but think about movies. Unfortunately, you have already seen the movies that Hollywood repeatedly reproduces. There is the love story where the couple hates each other and then realizes they are in love, the action movie where the beautiful, intelligent hero selflessly fights for someone weaker, the heartwarming film about a simpleton who shows the smart people the error of their ways and the comedy featuring a fish out of water.

This weekend you want to see something unexpected and thought provoking; you want to go to the Portland International Film Festival. For the past thirty eight years the Northwest Film Center has been producing the festival which features one hundred and forty films as well as film lectures and seminars. The eighteen day event is the largest film event in Oregon. There are also many parties and celebrity appearances associated with the festival.

This year’s festival features a Hispanic Film Showcase which will present films from all over Latin America. As always, there are films from both new and well-established directors. Ballots will be available at every film to give the audience a chance to vote for their favorite film, actor and director.

There are many noteworthy movies at this year’s festival and many of the films and performances have already won awards.

On Saturday, February 7 at 1:30 p.m., The Whitsell Auditorium presents, Short Cut’s 1: International Ties, which features six short films by international directors including a film about a social media romance and a Brazilian film about meeting between Lucas and Nietzsche.

On Saturday, February 14 at 6:30 p.m. Cinema 21 will present Charlie’s Country, which tells the story of a Yolngu man in Australia who decides to “go bush” and sets out into the wild to practice the old ways. The film is an Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film and the lead actor David Gulpilil won the award for Best Actor at Cannes.

On Sunday, February 15 at 6:30 p.m. the Mooreland Theater will show The President, which is a Georgian film about a self-indulgent and cruel president who must hide his identity and live among the people after a coup d’état ends his regime.

On Friday, February 20 at 6:45 p.m. the Regal Fox Tower presents the Mexican film Paradise, about a heavy set couple who move to Mexico City only to find themselves surrounded by beautiful, hip people who look down on them.


The Northwest Film Center is a media resource service organization they offer help to filmmakers in the Pacific Northwest. They play host to several film festivals throughout the year In addition to the Portland International Film Festival, including the Northwest Filmmakers Festival and The Portland Jewish Film Festival. The center also offers classes in filmmaking and a film certification program.

Tickets to individual films range from $9.00 to $12.00. You can also buy a five film pass for $50.00. If you’re feeling particularly generous you can join The Silver Screen Club for a donation ranging from $75 to $5000. If you’re broke you may still be able to volunteer for the festival.

The festival employees a ten minute rule stating that seats for advance ticket holders will be held until ten minutes before showtime and then sold to the general public. The participating theaters will not be honoring general admission passes during the festival.

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