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Summer music fests abound in Oregon

Now that the conventions are over, it is time to put down the remote and go back to enjoying the great outdoor until the Olympics start. In addition to its many food and alcohol festivals, summer in Portland brings a plethora of music festivals to town. Whether you are a country fan looking to scoot boots with that special someone or a hipster looking to impress your friends by peppering your conversation with the names of some bands they’ve never heard of, you are certain to find a music festival curtailed to your taste. This year’s festivals in Portland offer plenty of bands for your buck and plenty of booze and food to enjoy it with.



Thursday, August 4th to Sunday, August 7

In the tradition of Woodstock this festival takes place on a farm and encourages attendees to camp out while they enjoy the four day festival. Over sixty bands will perform on six stages at Pendarvis Farm.

In addition to listening to some great music, this year’s festival will offer a Curation Series which will feature brunch and dinner events. The meals promise to bring the perfect wine to accompany the meal and the perfect music to listen to as you sup. The feasted will be limited to fifty five people so you may want to get tickets in advanced.

Tickets for the weekend are $290.00. Single day tickets vary depending on the day.


willamette-country-music-festivalWillamette Country Music Festival

Friday, August 12 to Saturday August 13

Sometimes you have to remind yourself that not everyone in Portland is listening to indie rock while attending the latest Burnie or Bust rally. There are still quite a few Oregonians who enjoy country music accompanied by dancing and a fine domestic beverage served in a can.

The Willamette Country Music Festival, which is held in Brownsville, Oregon will feature twenty six acts on two stages. Country superstar Miranda Lambert will headline this year’s festival. Ms. Lambert has won multiple awards for her chart toping music. She has recently released a single entitled, “Vice.” The song explores the ever popular theme of addiction.

Passes to the festival start at $150. The festival gates open at 7:00 a.m., so it is a good idea to arrive early.



beloved festivalBeloved Music Festival

Friday, August 12 to Monday, August 15


So you’re not a hipster or a redneck, you are not so easily defined and neither is your taste in music. You are searching for something spiritual and you are torn between shaving your head, getting some Hassidic stockings, or take a vow of celibacy and you need some tunes to get your toes taping in the right direction. The Beloved Music Festival offers the opportunity to seek out, your beloved or higher power in a four day open air festival on the Oregon Coast. The event will feature a variety of music, speakers and artists, who will point you in the direction of enlightenment for the price of admission.

The musical acts at the festival range from jazz combos to, electronic music to a Ukrainian folk music quartet accompanied by an international band. The one thing that all the act have in common is that the music is considered, sacred. According to the events website, sacredness is,” a quality of attention. Focused awareness can elevate a seemingly mundane act into a space of rapturous appreciation.” The stage itself is set up as a mandala which is a geometric figure representing the universe in the Hindu and Buddhist faiths.

The event takes place in Tidewater Falls, Oregon which is about two hours away from Portland. A weekend pass to the event costs $270 and parking is not included.

Eliza Gale – Contributor

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