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Saturday brings the annual hunt for Bigfoot

Annual Hunt for Bigfoot

Bigfoot has been the subject of debate and fascination for decades. The legendary creature has been described as being a half man, half ape who wanders through the woods of the Pacific Northwest and freaks campers out by standing and staring at them in an almost catatonic state. The creature has been described as being between 5’9 and 10 feet tall. It has been the general consensus that, although the creature looks like an ape it does not have opposable thumbs. The one thing everyone seems to agree about is that, he sure is hairy.

The creature has been portrayed in many a film and television show, including The Simpsons and The Love Boat. On Saturday, September 19 Portlanders can head over the river to Home Valley, Washington to celebrate The Bigfoot Bash and Bounty. The event will include several guest speakers, activities, food and a carnival for the kiddies, in a town that is located in the heart of the Sasquatch country. The county has been the site of several big foot sightings, as well as a location where Bigfoot’s distinctive flat footprints have been found.

The festival will begin with a berry pancake breakfast at 8:00 a.m. if pancakes aren’t your thing, fear not there will be plenty of food vendors at the event. You can work off that big breakfast with a long walk. There will be a Giganto Geocatching, where you can walk around the area and try to see Bigfoot for yourself. In the past Bigfoot has been seen on a jet ski, at festival goer’s campsites and just walking down the streets of town. There are prizes at every sighting and there will be a cast tracking demo so you will be able to make plaster casts of Bigfoots prints, or anyone else’s prints for that matter. There will also be a class on evidence collections so, the next time you see a Bigfoot you can prove it to your friends.

In addition to all the family fun, there will be several speakers there who take their Bigfoot knowledge seriously. At 1:00 p.m. Jo Beelart will speak on the subject of The Oregon Bigfoot Highway. Mr. Beelart tracked Bigfoot from December 16, 1998 to November 26, 1999 and his experiences are detailed on his blog bfjournal@tripod.com.

If you or someone you know has seen the famed, reclusive creature you will have the opportunity to share your experiences with other festival goers at 1:45 p.m. At 2:15 Guy Edwards will give a talk on the subject of Bigfoot Culture in the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Edwards writes for the blog bigfootlunchclub.com, which contains such things as interviews with Bigfoot experts, summaries of books about Bigfoot and even a demonstration of a secret Bigfoot handshake.

At 3:30 Thom Powell will take the stage to discuss whether or not Bigfoot is just, “one star in a greater paranormal constellation.” Mr. Powell is a science teacher who lives in a rural area outside of Portland. He runs the blog thomsquatch.com and he is the author of The Locals, which is an investigation of the Sasquatch phenomenon.

At 4:30 Tony Lombardo will present his documentary, “Omawing.” Mr. Lombardo is a Sasquatch Investigator in Colorado. He details his search for and investigation of Bigfoot on the website, sasquatchinvestigations.org.

The day will end with a performance by The Liberty Bond Jug Band. The band describes itself as playing songs about trains, and rock and roll from the 1920s.

The event starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 7:00 p.m. The admission to each activity varies, but nothing is over $10.00.

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