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RIP: David Bowie


By Portland Metro Live

David-Bowie -RIPThere’s no denying that if you’re a music fan like many people in Portland Oregon are you were caught off guard by the announcement of the sudden passing of David Bowie from pancreatic cancer at age of 69.

What’s shocking about Bowie’s death is that even at the age of 69 years old when many recording artists like the Rolling Stones are content to live off their past hits and produce best of albums, Bowie continued innovating and recording new music that was inspirational to recording artists and musicians of all ages.

Besides being an innovative musician and performer, David Bowie was also an actor, playwright and artist plus his influence was felt in the fashion world as well thanks to his longtime marriage to supermodel Iman.

Not Your Average Music Legend

Although the words “music legend” are often used in the same sentence with David Bowie’s name, the reality is that Bowie never stopped being an artist and performer who was content to rest upon his past accomplishments and his recently released album “Blackstar” is proof of that because the album is filled with innovative songs which are awesome to listen to.

Shocking Death

David Bowie’s death seemingly follows the pattern that he set in life since many of his albums and creative ventures came out of nowhere, shocking his fans and audiences around the world with his transformations and innovative performances.

News of his death at the age of 69 was announced in a brief posting early Monday on his official Facebook and Twitter accounts, with a request for privacy for his grieving family.

“David Bowie died peacefully today (Sunday) surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer,” it said.

Source – Yahoo

We can look at the death of David Bowie as his last creative statement since he didn’t spend the last 18 months of his life seeking the sympathy of media outlets around the world on a farewell tour, instead he spent his time producing his last album and releasing an innovative project that will most likely enjoy millions of sales including the top accolades and awards of the music industry this year.

Bowie will certainly be missed by music fans around the world but his presence will continue to be felt as younger performers study his work hopefully in the attempt to produce future albums on the same level of his genius rather than continuing to produce one hit wonders that will be soon forgotten.

David Bowie is survived by his wife Iman, daughter Alexandria and son Duncan Jones.

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