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Are You Ready For the Portland Steel?


By Portland Metro Live

PORTLAND, Ore. – Arena football has a long history and devoted fan base in Portland Oregon and our team which was previously called the Portland Thunder is now called the Portland Steel.

The teams “rebranding” will take effect immediately and include a new logo with the hopes that the team will have a fresh start and new life will be breathed into arena football here in Portland.

Why Portland Steel?

Some arena football fans are most likely scratching their heads right now may be wondering why the name Portland Steel was chosen versus other cooler names which could have been chosen and the reality is that the new name for the team is Portland Steel because steel has played a huge part in the development of Portland and has been a backbone of our culture for well over 100 years.

In a recent interview with Oregonlive.com, Ron James, the general manager and co-owner of the team assured fans that his team is reorganizing with the focus of building a championship level team which will bring hard hitting football action to Portland for the 2016 arena football season.

New Online Presence

Besides launching a new online presence on March 9th which includes a brand new website (www.pdxsteel.com) and social media pages, the team also announced that they will be opening the 2016 season against the Arizona Rattlers on April 1st 2016.

Is Arena Football Worth Watching In 2016?

If you ask any NFL fan they will tell you give you their reasons for avoiding watching arena football but the reality is that arena football is just as fun to watch, if not better than any game played in the NFL especially for these reasons:

  • Great pre-game show – Many teams are known for their excellent pre-game shows and this really turns the game into an “event” that you must attend to really experience it.
  • Lots of action – Since the field is only 50-yards long in arena football it’s not uncommon to see lots wild plays including Hail Mary passes, crazy bounces and more.
  • Wild fans – At your typical arena football game you’re going to find wild fans who are excited about attending the game and best of all ticket prices are affordable so you can afford to bring your co-workers, friends or family without going broke buying tickets.
  • Football in the summer – Last of all, but most important you should come to an AFL game because it’s football in the summer and there’s nothing better especially if you’re craving football and can’t wait for the next NFL season to start.