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Rapper Logic comes to The Wonder Ballroom on Saturday, February 7

Rapper Logic comes to The Wonder Ballroom

Rapper Logic comes to The Wonder Ballroom

It’s Saturday night and you are in conflict. You want to drink and dance and drop the f bomb a few thousand times, but you also want something that is gonna make you think. You want to see the kind of performer who can go gangster, but still solve a Rubik’s Cube. You want someone with the agile tongue of an Eminem and the sophistication of Frank Sinatra.

On Saturday, February 7th the young rapper Logic comes to the Wonder Ballroom in Portland as part of his Under Pressure tour.

Logic, AKA Robert Bryson Hall grew up in Maryland, he was the son of crack addicts and the brother of a crack dealer. After flunking out of school at the age of thirteen, he began rapping. After his first mixtape, he began opening for such rap superstars as Pitbull, Method Man and Ludacris. He quickly began getting offers from record producers interested in recording his work. Although he is certainly influenced by contemporary hip hop and rap artist, he has said that he was also heavily inspired by the music of Frank Sinatra. He always watched Mr. Sinatra’s movies as a child and adapted a lot of his charm and style into his music. Logic’s second mixed tape is called Young Sinatra.

Under Pressure is Logic’s debut album. Reviews have been mixed with Hiphopdx saying that it is “more than a stirring lyrical symphony welded to superior production, it is a condensing of ’90s grit and modern production into something new,” and Rolling Stone calling it, “all style and no substance.”

Much of the album deals with Logic’s upbringing in Section-Eight housing. He tells the story of his brother selling crack to his father in order survive. The nine minute title track includes real voicemails from his family. The track Soul Food deals with the bad experiences in his childhood feeding his soul and making him more creative. One track features a woman talking into a police radio and another features a reporter doing a story about a murder. Influences from several different genres are evident in the album, including hip hop and classic jazz. He incorporates strings, bass and percussion instruments into his music.

Although He says that the title Under Pressure refers to his being formed by pressure like a diamond in a rough, the official video features a gang related massacre. His Young Sinatra III video has the young star rapping in courtyard which has walls are covered with graffiti.

Although he is often described as a white rapper, Logic is actually of mixed race. In an interview with The Breakfast Club radio show he said he has always checked the other box when it comes to his ethnicity. When asked if he uses the “n word” he said “I don’t do it publicly. I’m not an idiot if I go down the street and say it I’ll get f*&$ed up.”

He says that his mother used to be very prejudice against black people including him and his father. The kids at school would make fun of him for being white. He realized that none of it made any sense. He became interested in the life of the mind and began calling himself Psychological he later shortened it to Logic. He also told The Breakfast Club that he thought he was one of the greatest MC’s in history

Logic goes on stage at 8:00 p.m. on February 7th, tickets to the show were originally $18.00 To $20.00 and have officially sold out, but they can still be obtained from various ticket vendors. Prices start at around $100.00 can go as high as $260.00.

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