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Is Portlandia To Blame For Portland Oregon’s Growing Pains? The Stars Say No

By Portland Metro Live

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portlandia is both loved and hated by people in Portland Oregon because, it’s been on the air since 2011 and has quickly gone from a little show on IFC to a hit show that’s followed, blogged about and watched heavily online but can Portland’s insane growth over the last several years be blamed on Portlandia?

Portlandia Not to Blame

Thanks to a recent article on oregonlive.com we know that the stars of Portlandia feel that they aren’t to blame for Portland’s fast growth and changing demographic, and they are right.

Portlandia came out right when the Real Estate market was rebounding following the 2008 collapse and thanks to low home prices at the time, Portland was a city that was ripe for growth and still continues to be a top relocation destination to this day.

Sure many locals hate Portlandia and feel that the show makes jokes about the things we love about Portland, that is either weird or cool, but that doesn’t mean you can blame a television show that’s also been responsible for raising the awareness of Portland, bringing more tourists here, increasing tax revenue and ultimately more jobs to the area.

Season 8 Will Be the End of Portlandia

Sadly, Portlandia star Fred Armisen and the creators of the show have confirmed that they are going to end it next year with season 8 because they feel that all good things should come to an end one day.

Some people in Portland will breathe a sigh of relief when the show stops filming here after the end of season 8 but it’s likely that the love affair with Portland will continue and we may see other shows like Portlandia filming here in the years to come.