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Portlanders take their pants off and get their Santa on

Sometime, you get up in the morning and you wish you didn’t have to put on that boring skirt and blouse or tie that plain black tie. Some days, you wish you could put on some Santa pants or perhaps, wear no pants at all and just let everyone know what you are all about.

Unfortunately, most of us are uncomfortable breaking the rules alone. It takes a large group of people doing something unacceptable to point out how silly it is to follow the crowd. Fortunately, Portland offers several annual events where people can defy convention in a safe and accepting environment in which everybody else is doing the same thing.


Stumptown SantaCon:

Participating Local bars

How many times have you thought about putting on a Santa costume, heading to the bar and getting really, really jolly? On Saturday, December 19 you can drink in a Santa suit and benefit charity as well, at Stumptown Santacon.

The event starts at 3:00 p.m. at ten different bars in Downtown Portland. Folk dressed as Saint Nick will spend a night drinking to benefit Portland Police Sunshine Division. Costumes are required for the event and this year’s theme is NEON Lights – Be Illuminated – Santa. So, not only do you want to be dressed as Santa, but a sparkly Santa.

If you are not round enough to be Chris Kringle, Or if you celebrate Chanukah, you can wear a different costumes such as a reindeer, a giant menorah or perhaps that of an oppressed, yet ultimately triumphant Maccabee.

A $10.00 contribution buys you a wristband that will get you into one of the participating bars as well as goodies while they last. The Sunshine Division offers food and clothing assistance to those in need.

Inspire Truth New Year’s Eve event

Inspire Truth New Year’s Eve event.

The Portland Art Museum

So, perhaps you’re tired of ringing in every New Year at the local watering hole and waking up with your head in a stranger’s toilet. Or, perhaps you have had your fill of watching Kathy Griffin make Anderson Cooper feel uncomfortable as you drink yourself in to a coma on New Year’s Eve.

Inspire Truth promises a new year’s event that is, “sexy and edgy and can also honor the possibility of celebration with the intention of growth, change and reverence.”

The event will feature acrobats, musical acts and performance art. Patrons are encouraged to wear upscale costumes or formal attire. According to the website people should dress as well and diversely as if they were attending David Bowie’s funeral.

Inspire truth is dedicated to encouraging people to have hope for the future and respect for the environment. The evening will feature music that offers hope for the future.

The doors open at 9:00 p.m. and tickets to the event range from $108 to $171. The price includes food and all the Dr’s Kombucha you can drink.

No Pants Subway RideThe No Pants Subway Ride

The Max

How many times have you been on the train when you suddenly had the urge to take off your trousers? It is understandable, considering the smoldering sensuality of the average Max rider and the variations of bacteria that might be on a commuter train seat. On January 10 this urge can be sated if you decide to participate in this Improv Everywhere event.

Participant will meet under the Burnside Bridge in Chinatown at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 10. They will then proceed to board the train at 2:30 p.m. and take their pants off shortly thereafter. The ride will be followed by a pants free can-can dance at Jake’s and an after party at Shake’s bar.

In order to participate, one must pay one’s fare and bring a bag in which to store pants. Conservative underwear is required and participants, must keep a straight face while pantless.

Eliza Gale – Contributor

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