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Portland Trailblazers – Should The Team Make A Trade?


By Portland Metro Live

PORTLAND, Ore. – If you’ve been following the 2016 Portland Trailblazers you know that the NBA Trade Deadline is this Thursday 2/18 at 12:00 pm Pacific and with the Trailblazers in 3rd place at 27-27 in the 2016 NBA standings just about everyone from long-time fans to hardcore analysts are asking if it’s the right time for the team to make a trade to help them finish the season strong.

A Trade Could Be Good But….

Although the idea of idea of adding a big name to the roster is interesting the reality is that the team doesn’t have a lot of assets to work with that other teams want and with veterans like Gerald Henderson and Chris Kaman looking at expiring deals it’s likely that there won’t be any teams expressing an interest in either player.

If It’s Not Broke, Don’t Fix It

The 2016 Portland Trailblazers literally have money to burn right now for landing a big name since with their current team salary of $49.3 million the team is $20 million dollars shy of their $70 million salary goal and many fans are open to the thought of Neil Olshey, President of Basketball Operations, making a trade but with the team showing great chemistry this season there’s also the argument of why should Olshey try to fix something that’s working?

As of today the Blazers can’t offer a first round pick to sweeten a deal since they have to hold onto their first round draft pick from the trade they made last year until June, and with CJ McCollum a big favorite of Neil Olshey’s it’s likely we’re going to see the Trailblazers do or die with the players that have on the 2016 roster.

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