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2016 Portland Timbers – Van Culture Helps Players to Bond before Season

Portland Timbers 2016


By Portland Metro Live

TUCSON, Ariz. – There’s no denying that preseason is a busy time of year thanks to team meetings, training sessions, games and the wide variety of other tasks that are necessary to get players ready for the season but, one of the most unique things that teammates on the 2016 Portland Timbers get to look forward to is the team van culture.

What exactly is the van culture? At the start of preseason the Portland Timbers have five vans in Tucson Arizona that are assigned to transport players to and from training sessions and games on a regular basis. On days when there are matches, the team will all take one bus to and from games but, on training days players are split up and drive to and from training sessions in the fleet of five vans.

Getting To Know Each Other

Since the Portland Timbers Kino Sports Complex in Arizona is located about 30 minutes away from the team’s hotel, players who arrived together in the vans have the opportunity to get to know each other.

Some of the things that Portland Timbers teammates talk about in the van as they are commuting include music preferences, food choices, crossword puzzles, driving styles and of course soccer but, the most important thing that comes from this regular commute in the van is that players get the chance to really get to know each other’s personalities these bonding experiences help to build relationships and lay the foundation for creating a strong team.

More “Chill” Than the Locker Room

In a recent interview with timbers.com Fanendo Adi, Jermaine Taylor, Alvas Powell, Adam Kwarasey and Michael Seaton all talked about their experienced in the vans and agreed that it’s time well spent since most players seem to be more “chill” in the van compared to the locker room.

Kwarasey:  “Jermaine is in our van and it’s a good way to get to know him. He’s definitely more open in the van than he is in the locker room, I’d say. It takes time to get comfortable and I think he’s 100% comfortable in the van. It’s a good way to get closer and to get to know each other better.”

Source –  timbers.com

Portland Timbers 2016 Season Starts on March 6th

Are you getting excited about the 2016 Timbers season? It starts on March 6th when they face the Columbus Crew at 1:30 pm PST. The match will be broadcast on ESPN.COM.

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