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Portland Ranks #1 for Coffee Lovers in the United States

By Portland Metro Live

PORTLAND, Ore. – There’s no doubt that Portland has ranked as one of the top cities over the years for beer but what about coffee? Thanks to a recent article from the Wallet Hub and the Portland Tribune we know that Portland has ranked as the top city for coffee lovers in the United States.

Portland Is For Coffee Lovers

The recent news about Portland being one of the top cities for coffee lovers wasn’t a surprise for the Oregon Coffee Board because they’ve known for years that Portland Oregon can be considered to be “ground zero” for what’s really happening in the coffee industry.

Here in Portland coffee lovers can count on creativity, innovation and the best coffee anywhere in Oregon and our city has attracted the attention of coffee publications and the coffee industry as a whole because the Portland coffee industry continues innovating and setting new benchmarks for what consumers want when it comes to their coffee.

Some of the other cities that are tops for coffee in the United States include:


  • Portland

  • Seattle

  • Minneapolis

  • Pittsburgh

  • Orlando

  • San Francisco

  • New Orleans

  • Madison, Wisc.

  • Cincinnati

  • Scottsdale, Ariz.

Did You Know This About Portland?

coffee lovers

Besides having tons of great bars and restaurants, Portland also has the most coffee houses, coffee shops and cafés per capita. Portland still trails cities like Boston and Anchorage when it comes to doughnut shops but there’s still plenty of time to catch up on that so we can be known as one of the doughnut shop capitals of the United States. J