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Portland Oregon Rose Cup – July 29th through July 31st

PORTLAND, Ore. – If you love auto racing then you should attend the Portland Oregon Rose Cup which will be held this weekend July 29th through July 31st at the Portland International Raceway. This annual event has been a must-see event for race fans since 1961 and will continue to be the place to be in Portland if you love being around the race track instead of watching it on television.

Portland Oregon Rose Cup Tickets Cost Just $25 for All 3 Days

Presented by George Morlan Plumbing, tickets for the Portland Oregon Rose Cup cost just $25 for all three days, and parking is included, so there’s never been a better time than this weekend for race fans in Portland to see races live at the Portland International Raceway.

Portland Oregon Rose Cup

About The Portland Oregon Rose Cup

The 2016 Portland Oregon Rose Cup is going to have a ton of action since there will amateur racing classes, and aspiring racers will have the chance to drive their vehicles on the track for $150 with instruction from a professional while they are behind the wheel.

Plenty of a long time professional racers will also be at the Rose Cup including Jamie Bestwick who will be driving a Toyota Yaris that has been prepared just for racing.

In a recent interview with the Portland Tribune Bestwick said this about his opportunity to come back and race in Portland:

 “For me, any chance I can get to come to Portland, I’ll take it,” Bestwick says. “I’ve been to Portland numerous times, and there’s a huge action sports presence in the city. I can’t think of anything more exciting than racing cars at PIR. It’s great fun.”

Source – Portland Tribune 

It’s all about the Cars

Besides getting your chance to see action from pros like Jamie Bestwick so this event will also be a perfect destination for car fans since there’s going to be plenty of car clubs from across the United States gathering here to display their car plus there’s also going to be a drag racing event on Saturday night too so don’t miss the 2016 Portland Oregon Rose Cup July 29th through July 31st.