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Portland Oregon Homes – Home Prices Increase By 7.2 Percent in January



PORTLAND, Ore – Thanks to recent data from the Case Shiller Price Index we know that Portland Oregon Homes saw a big 7.2 percent year-over-year gain in the month of January.

The S&P / Case Shiller Home Price Index report also ranked Portland Oregon as the 5th fastest growing city in the United States on a list of at least 20 home markets that they have been tracking

What to Expect For the Rest Of 2015

Yes it’s great that home prices continue to appreciate across Portland Oregon but, according to some economists, including David Blitzer who is chairman with the S&P Dow Jones Indicies, we can expect a rough patch ahead.

Portland Oregon Home prices have continued to rise fast; faster than wages have increased, and this is putting more pressure on some people who have been thinking about buying homes in the area since they may have less income to afford higher home prices.

Residential Home Construction Still SLOW

Besides rising home prices across Portland, the S&P Case Shiller report also confirmed that residential home construction is still going slow.

To be precise: residential home construction is at its slowest pace even before the start of the 2008 economic recession, and this is a major concern since with fewer new homes for sale in Portland this will only mean that it’s going to get harder for some buyers to find homes.

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Although some home buyers may find the Portland Oregon Real Estate market to be challenging during the coming months it’s not going to be impossible to find single family homes, town homes or condos for any budget especially if you hire an experienced Real Estate Agent.

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