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Portland MMA Fighter – Emily Corso

Portland MMA Fighter - Emily Corso  - Portland Metro Live

Portland MMA Fighter – Emily Corso

You probably wouldn’t guess that Emily Corso is a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter upon meeting her. The cute, bubbly 26-year old doesn’t seem to have an aggressive bone in her body.

Yet she is undefeated in her professional career, and her fierce jiu-jitsu skills keep most of her fights from progressing beyond the first round.

Most MMA fighters have a nickname. Corso’s is “The Mantis Shrimp”. She likes the nickname because it’s cute, which is the angle she’s going for. She explains that female MMA fighters tend to get boxed into being either sexy, mean, or cute.

“Lots of women get a lot of mileage from the sexy thing,” she says. Corso tends to smile while she fights. This trait almost earned her the nickname “The Serial Killer.” Once, a referee told her that her tendency to smile while fighting was terrifying to watch. “If someone hits me, I always smile more. I want to remember that I’m here for the fun. The moment it stops being fun is when I’ll stop.” Read More – OregonSportsNews.com>