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Portland Local Climbs Five of Oregon’s Tallest Mountains, in One Run

By Portland Metro Live

PORTLAND, Ore. – One of the great things about being a Portland Local is that we have mountains to climb that are conveniently within driving distance and these mountains include Mount Hood, Jefferson and of course the Three Sisters.

Many people add climbing one mountain per year to their bucket lists but 44-year-old Christof Teuscher, a Portland Local, who is also an associate professor at Portland State University decided to climb them all in one run, meaning that he didn’t just drive between mountains, he did it all by foot.


Christof Teuscher

He Wanted Something New

After scaling Mount Adams, then running to Mount Hood in 2015, Christof Teuscher was looking for “something new” and challenging to conquer. He decided to climb five of Oregon’s tallest mountains in one run after being inspired by the Fourteeners Challenge in Colorado, a unique challenge that lists 53 peaks in the Rocky Mountain State that are over 14,000 feet each.

Since Oregon doesn’t have mountains that are as high as Colorado, Teuscher chose to climb five of our mountains that are over 10,000 feet tall and he upped the ante by making the decision to scale them all in one run.

Months of Preparation for This Portland Local

Although he makes this type of adventure look easy when you watch it online, the reality is that Teuscher spent months planning and he had to take multiple trips out to each mountain during different times of the year to review the conditions.

Throughout his entire journey Portland Local Christof Teuscher was helped by his wife who kept him supplied with water, food, additional gear and although he encountered challenges along the way like not being able to scale Hogsback on Mount Hood, outdoor enthusiasts are applauding his sense of adventure and stamina to complete his journey in one run.