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Portland Is Among the Wealthiest Cities in the United States

By Portland Metro Live

Where exactly does Portland rank? Right now we rank #12 on the list of the wealthiest cities across the United States because the median income here is $64,991.

San Jose, San Francisco, and Seattle: These cities house more than the headquarters of the world’s largest technology companies. They are also some of the most productive hubs in the U.S. economy.

“The San Jose, California metro area had the highest output per resident for 2014, according to a Bloomberg analysis of U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis data for the 100 largest metropolitan areas. Gross metropolitan product (GMP) per capita in the Silicon Valley epicenter was $105,482, more than double the national average. Bridgeport, Connecticut ranked second at $94,349. San Francisco, Seattle and Boston followed.”

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Larger Cities Not Performing Better?

What’s interesting about recent statistics regarding larger cities across the United States like San Francisco are not necessarily doing better financially compared to Portland and other smaller metro areas like Bend.

As Bloomberg notes, “Portland, Oregon (sometimes called Silicon Forest) climbed six spots” since 2008, presumably riding the wave of the local tech boom. It’s ranked the 12th richest among the 100 largest cities, just behind Houston, Des Moines, Iowa, and Dallas, but ahead of Hartford, Connecticut, Madison, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis.”

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