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So you tried one of the many new restaurants in Portland and you are experiencing Dukkha otherwise known as anxiety about change. Or maybe, when you look at the Kardashian’s you see capitalistic monsters rather than the simpleton skanks they pretend to be, because you can see things for what they really are and not what they appear to be. For whatever reason, the universe and the media are pointing you in the direction of Buddhism. Fortunately it is almost June and the Portland Buddhism Festival is right around the corner!

2016 marks the 13th year for the annual festival which will be held in Colonel Summers Park on Saturday, June 4. The festival promises to be a, “declaration of InterDependence.” In Buddhism interdependence refers to the fact that all dharmas (things) come about in dependence upon other dharmas.

Fortunately, a desire for spiritual enlightenment doesn’t mean you have to get out of bed at the crack of dawn. If your Taṇhā got the better of you and you spent Friday night drinking Tang and Everclear in a “private” gentleman’s club, you can still make the 12:00 p.m. starting bell.

The festivities will begin with the Three Refuges Chant. This will be followed by a meditation practice led by Bright Way Zen, which is a local organization that purports to provide Dharma access.

Get Your Mindfulness On At The Portland Buddhism Festival 

After meditating, attendees who are interested in Buddhism will be treated to a lecture by the events keynote speaker Stephanie Kaza. Ms. Kaza is a professor at the University of Vermont the author of the book Mindfully Green which is a guide for thinking more deeply about the way we impact the natural world, It gives advice on how to make green living a personal practice.

After the lecture, Domyo Burk of Bright Way Zen, Nelly Kaufer of Pine Street Sangha and Brenda Fugate of the Oregon Buddhist Temple will participate in a panel discussion. Mr. Burk is a Buddhist priest who is the author of, Idiot’s Guides: Zen Living and Ms. Kaufer is a lead meditation teacher.

Now that you are well on your way to achieving oneness with the universe the universe owes you and may see fit to reward you with a little something somethin’. After the panel discussion ends there will be a drawing for a prize.

The day will end with a performance by Portland Taiko which is an award winning Asian Drum ensemble. The music is often used in Japanese religious ceremonies.

If you would like to attend the festival, but have no idea what to do with the kiddies; fear not. There is a whole schedule of activities for children throughout the day.

After the opening ceremonies, enlightened tots will get to participate in a communal art activity. There will also be a hunt for a hidden treasure. There will be snacks and various other arts and crafts available.

Portland Buddhism Festival

The children will sing a Dharma Rain Song and have a Dharma Rain Exercise in which they will be properly instructed on how to play with a rainstick.

The rainstick was invented by the Aztec’s to end droughts, but there is an Asian version of the instrument that is made out of bamboo rather than cactus.

Buddhism has been around for about two and a half thousand years. It is said that Buddha means “awakened one,” and that a true Buddha has awakened from a sleep of ignorance and fear. It is supposed to be the goal of all Buddhist to live a life that is free of faults and mental obstructions.

Some famous Buddhist include action film star Steven Seagal and the commitment challenged golfer Tiger Woods.

Tickets to the festival are free of charge.

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