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Pokémon Go – Learn More About It

Pokemon Go

Have you started playing Pokémon Go yet? Pokémon was one of the hottest name brands in the 1990’s because it was everywhere from cartoons and trading cards to games; now it’s back to Pokémon Go, a free mobile game that everyone has been playing in the last week.

Pokémon Go is ground breaking for a mobile game because it uses the GPS and clock on your phone to detect where you are in Portland and it makes the cute little Pokémon appear so you can catch them.

Collect Them All With Pokémon Go

The obvious goal of the game is to get you to travel more since you will see more Pokémon during the course of your day compared to if you were staying at home or work all day.

Pokémon Go is one of the world’s first augmented reality games meaning that it combines a virtual aspect in the real world so you can technically “catch” Pokémon, even if you go to the bathroom, and enjoy the same satisfaction that you may have had when collecting the trading cards in the 1990’s.

Nintendo Is Dominating With Pokémon Go

Over the last few years Nintendo has been sadly missing from the mobile game space but they are finally making their presence known in a big way with the free Pokémon Go.

This game takes the concept of bug catching (which is very popular in Japan) to a whole new level and although the game is somewhat different than what you may remember about Pokémon from the 90’s it’s certainly addictive and if you ask any Portland local about what game is on their phone they most likely will tell you it’s Pokémon Go.

To get started playing you can download it from Google Play or the App Store if you have IOS.

For more information about Pokémon Go click here to read a beginners guide to Pokémon Go in Portland.