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Paul McCartney comes to Portland on April 15.

It doesn’t matter if you are a conservative or a liberal, a vegan or a paleo, an atheist or a devote Mormon; unless you are a deranged psychopath, you like The Beatles and especially Paul McCartney. Sir McCartney was, of course the lead singer for The Beatles, the group that defined a generation, influenced every rock band in history and was, as John Lennon once said, “more popular than Jesus Christ.”

After the Beatles broke up “The cute one,” as Mr. McCartney was known to his many female fans, went on to lead the band Wings along with his wife Linda in the 1970’s. Wings broke up in the 80’s and he went onto a successful solo career.

The Knight from Liverpool is one of the most successful performers in history. He is also a hero to animal rights activists as he has been a vegetarian for many years, has spoken out against seal hunting and has a daughter who is one of the world’s most prominent vegan clothing designers.

On Friday, April 15 Portlanders will get a chance to see Mr. McCartney live at the Moda Center as part of his One on One Tour. The tour, which runs through the end of June, will include everything from classic Beatles songs to his latest creations. The tour promises a brand new stage set as well some “surprises,” whatever that might mean.

Age has not slowed or stifled the seventy three year old singer. He just ended his last tour in 2015 and he has managed to stay relevant with some recent collaborations with a couple of unlikely partners. In 2015 Sir McCartney appeared in the Rihanna video, “FortyFiveSeconds” with, Kanye West.


In 2013 he released, New which was his 16th solo studio album. The album was promoted largely though social media. The songs on the LP were autobiographical, telling the story of his youth and his rise to fame, from his first day job as a driver’s mate for Speedy Prompt Delivery in Liverpool (On My Way to Work) to his wanting to escape celebrity (Get Me Out Of Here.)

Sir McCartney has not shied away from social media or technology. His website contains links to his many fan sites on which he (or, perhaps his social media manager) post regular comments.

His Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages offer fans the opportunity to learn about Beatles and Wings history as well as compete in fan art competitions and share lists of favorite songs and lyrics.

The One on One Tour was announced just a few days after the death of Sir George Martin at the age of 90. Sir Martin was the producer and music arranger who gave The Beatles their first contract. He is credited with advising Sir McCartney to include a string quartet on the recording of the classic song, Yesterday.

The Moda Center is certain to draw a crowd far larger than the capacity of its arena. There are thousands of fan clubs around the world dedicated to the music of the Beatles and Sir McCartney himself. There are certain to be some interesting tattoos and tee-shirts on display at and around the center on April 15 and security is certain to be beefed up in the Northeast and downtown areas of town.

Mr. McCartney will go onstage at 8:00 p.m. on April 15. Although no opening act has been announced, it would not be entirely remarkable if one of the surprises promised by the tour isn’t a duet or two. Tickets to the show range from $45.00 to $250.00 and are available through Ticketmaster.

Eliza Gale – PortlandMetroLive.com Contributor

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