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The Mutual Love between Portland and Japan

By Portland Metro Live

If you’ve lived in Portland for any length of time it’s not hard to spot the wide variety of Japanese influences in the city like the well-known cherry trees that bloom each year at Tom McCall Waterfront Park to the cool Japanese themed hotspots like Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya or Marukin Ramen.

Portland And Japan

Portland’s Japanese influences trace back to well before World War 2 and in spite of the forced internment camps that Americans of Japanese descent faced during the war, the city remains a bustling cultural center for Japanese tourists and people who want a tastes of Japan while staying in Portland.


Tom McCall Waterfront Park

Portland’s “Sister City”

For those adventurous Portland natives that want to travel to Japan, one of the best cities there to visit is Sapporo, a town that’s very similar to Portland and earned the nickname Portland’s “Sister City” long ago.

If you decide to visit Sapporo one of the first things that you will notice is that there’s a lot of businesses there that are well-known in Portland Oregon like Stumptown Coffee because, these businesses have an air of sophistication over there to the residents of Sapporo.

About Sapporo Japan

Many of Sapporo’s residents are young, career minded individuals who were affected by the 2011 earthquake and have decided to live their lives to the fullest, much like Portland locals, instead of always being so focused on their careers.

When people from Sapporo and other parts of Japan come to Portland they love it here because, the natural beauty like Mt. Hood is a welcome relief from the hectic pace of big cities like Tokyo and Portland’s food scene lives up to their expectation of what American food should taste like.