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Louis C.K. Coming to Portland Oregon in January 2017

By Portland Metro Live

PORTLAND, Ore. – Comedian Louis C.K. will be coming to Portland Oregon in January 2017 with brand new jokes for his fans, he will perform on January 19th and 20th at the Moda Center’s Theater of the Clouds and his stop in Portland is going to be the kickoff for a longer tour that he’s promising will happen next year.

“I will be touring heavily far beyond that,” he wrote in his newsletter. “So if you don’t see your town on the list, it is likely that I’m coming to you later in the year. It’s NOT because I hate your town. Indeed I go to towns that I hate to work all the time. For instance, I played in Kansas City this summer. And I had a great time there. And boy do I hate Kansas City. I hate Kansas City so much, that I had to go to a doctor to ‘have that looked at’. Luckily, the doctor assured me that I am very healthy and that, indeed, Kansas City is an astonishing dump.”

About Louis C.K.

Unlike comedians from the past like Rodney Dangerfield who weren’t able to successfully transition their acts to other mediums, Louis C.K. has been successful in all mediums from his run on television with his hit show Louie, to his work in the 2015 film Trumbo.

Besides staying busy writing new material, acting, and appearing as a guest on shows both online and on television, Louis C.K. is also well-known for being an innovator when it comes to how tickets for his shows are sold to his fans. He’s pioneered selling tickets directly to consumers from his website, effectively eliminating outlets like Ticket Master, and as he once said: ” closed the gap between how easy it was to steal it [versus] how easy it was to buy it”.

Louis C.K. is also known for his philanthropy when he gave away half of his profits from his show “Live at the Beacon Theater” in a few days after making a million dollars from that show. Some of the recipients of his philanthropy include The Pablove Foundation, Kiva, Fistula Foundation, and Green Chimneys.

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