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Locals Fight to Keep Three Huge Sequoias in Eastmoreland from Being Cut Down By Developer

By Portland Metro Live

PORTLAND, Ore. – This week the biggest news in Portland wasn’t the recent presidential debates or the increase in housing prices, the real news everyone is talking about has to do with what’s going on in Eastmoreland where locals are rallying around three huge sequoias in the effort to keep them from being cut down by an enterprising developer.

Over 100 Feet Tall

What makes these sequoias unique is that they are each well over 100 feet tall and since they are also more than 150 years old the sequoias are part of Portland’s history plus the neighborhood aesthetic of Eastmoreland but, sadly, these trees could soon become a memory if they are allowed to be cut down by the developer of the property.

Should History Be Cut Down?

In Portland it’s not uncommon to see old buildings torn down in favor of new construction but many people are rallying around the three huge sequoia trees because they feel that the trees are a part of Portland’s past which should be preserved.

Space for Two Homes

There’s no denying that Portland has a housing shortage right now and if the three sequoia trees are allowed to be cut down this will make way for the developer Everett Custom Homes to build two new houses on the site.

The Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association have been under negotiations with Everett Custom Homes and Vic Remmers, the owner of the company, about buying the land and turning it into a public park but Remmers is asking the Neighborhood Association for $900,000 and so far they’ve been unable to raise that amount.

As of today the Mayor’s office has announced a “stay” on cutting down the trees while Everett Custom Homes and the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association work out details of an agreement that many hope will keep the trees from being cut down and a part of Portland’s landscape.

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