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Last chance to see Five Lesbians Eating Quiche at The Sanctuary at Sandy Plaza

Five Lesbians Eating Quiche at The Sanctuary at Sandy Plaza

Five Lesbians Eating Quiche at The Sanctuary at Sandy Plaza

In recent years, the love that dare not speak its name has been so loud that one can barely hear Fox News and the religious right’s warning of the dangers that the acceptance of homosexuality will bring. Hollywood celebrities have refused to marry until same-sex marriage is legalized everywhere and President Obama even incorporated gay rights in to his campaign platform in 2012. One is more likely to see a news story about gay teens being bullied than a story about international politics.

With all that attention, it’s hard to imagine what else there is to be said on the subject. Triangle Productions aims to find out what has been left unexplored with its production of Five Lesbians Eating Quiche at the The Sanctuary at Sandy Plaza.

The story centers on a group of “widows” known as The Susan B. Anthony Society for the Sisters of Gertrude Stein, enjoying their annual breakfast in 1956. Their motto is, “no men, no meat, all manners.” As they are about to dig into their egg pie they hear that the Atom bomb is about to be dropped on their city. The impending disaster causes the prim and proper ladies to open up about their secret fantasies and desires.

The pie itself serves as a metaphor for the vagina. Everyone brings a quiche to the party and “The best quiche gets eaten first.” The ladies sample the pie, first with trepidation, then with giddy enthusiasm and finally with acceptance. One member of the society goes so far as to dive face first into the pie licking it with wild abandon.

The fourth wall is broken as soon as the audience arrives at the theater as they are all given name tags with era appropriate names on them. The actors address the audience directly and encourage voting and participation along the way.

The play was written by Andrew Hobgood and Evan Linder. Both gentlemen are professors of theater at the University of Chicago and co-artistic directors of The New Colony Theater Company in Chicago.

Reviews of the play have been very positive from both the LGBT community and the mainstream press.

The Chicago Tribune said the play,” Dishes up high-spirited theatrical comfort food with a bit of a saucy kick.”

Time out Chicago called it, “Sharp, smart and hysterically funny.”

The play enjoyed its premier in June of 2011 and quickly obtained a cult following, for its campy slightly raunchy humor. Samuel French caught wind of its success and published the script of the one act. Whenever a play is published by the famous company, many productions are always in its future and it is sure to be a favorite choice for monologues and scene study in theater classes across America.

Triangle Productions has been producing LGBT themed plays for over twenty-five years here in Portland. Every show they produce is geared to promote diversity and acceptance. The company describes itself as creating theater that is, “outside the box.”

The company has over eighty nine award nominations to its credit and has produced over two hundred shows. Its production “Tonya and Nancy: The Rock Opera,” was featured on Entertainment Tonight. It has produced shows in a number if spaces including The World Trade Center Auditorium, and Jimmy Mak’s jazz club, it is currently housed at at The Sanctuary @ Sandy Plaza.

The show continues its successful run until Saturday, December 20, 2014. Performances are at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Thursday night the theater is hosting a 50’s dress up party. Tickets to the show range from $15.00 to $35.00.

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