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Justin Bieber is coming to Portland in March

No matter how old one is or what walk of life one might be from, everyone has an opinion about Justin Bieber. From the legions of little girls who had Bieber fever and made his first single album go triple platinum, to the many online critics who have made fun the shallowness of his music, The androgynous, 21-year old Canadian is not someone to be ignored. Mr. Bieber is currently on tour, and he is headed for the Pacific Northwest.

On Sunday, March 13 Mr. Bieber will grace the Moda Center as part of his Purpose Tour. The tour will go on for nine months and include over a hundred performances worldwide. There is no doubt that the young crooner will pack the house.

His single release from the album, Purpose entitled, What Do You Mean, debuted at number one on the top of the Billboard Charts, landing him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest person ever to achieve this goal.

Mr. Bieber has put out four albums since his premier album, My World 2.0 in 2009. In spite of a chilly response from music critics, the pop star has won multiple fan awards and continues to top the charts seven years later. Much of his success can be attributed to, or blamed upon a truly brilliant publicity campaign that has turned almost everything the delicate boned vocalist does into an opportunity to evolve his image and keep him relevant. Although barely out of his teens he is one of Forbes magazine’s ten most powerful celebrities in the world.

Young Mr. Bieber was raised in a lower middle class Canadian home as the son of a single mother. His mom filmed him doing covers of R&B songs and put them on YouTube. The cute, blond boy’s videos became popular and former marketing director Scooter” Braun saw him and went to Canada to convince the boy’s mother that he could make a star and a moneymaker out of her unplanned dependent.

According to Wikipedia his Christian mom didn’t want to hand her child over to a Jew, but her church elders convinced her that it would be in her best interest. She let Mr. Braun, take her boy to Georgia where he soon was opening for Usher. The EP version of, My World was soon released and the child’s career took off.

Mr. Braun, who is the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, turned quite a profit for the monetarily challenged, semitiphopic mom. As her wallet grew, her attitude changed considerably and the crew began to recite the Jewish prayer, Sh’ma before every performance.

Justin Bieber’s first big hit was Baby which combined bubble gum rock with R & B influences. He initially had a legion of little girls called “beliebers” and it would have been easy for him to travel the well tread path of the teen heartthrob. Fortunately for comedians, entertainment reporters and the public in general, Usher had other ideas. He hired the young up and comer a “swagger coach,” who instructed the innocent, Caucasian Canadian on how to dress, carry himself and speak. He was told to use black English and slang and wear his hat backwards and fashion himself as a rapper might.

The gold chains and expensive sneakers looked ridiculous on the slight and svelte French Canadian and his new image made him the butt of much ridicule.

The backlash started with a website called Lesbians who look like Justin Bieber. It continued with comedians such as Kathy Griffin making fun of his posing and saying that sex would him would be “weird.” It culminated with an official White House petition to have him deported back to Canada, which received 273,968 signatures.

Mr. Bieber reacted to his fame with some rather oddly rebellious behavior which included, egging a neighbor’s house, peeing into a janitor’s bucket, leaving his pet monkey in an airport and treating his mug shot after an arrest for a DUI as a modeling photo shoot.

The controversy surrounding his personal life has given his musical career sustainability and he is rarely out of the news.

Mr. Bieber takes the stage at 7:00 p.m. at the Moda Center on March 13. Tickets to his Portland show range from $33.00 to $6800.

Eliza Gale – PortlandMetroLive.com Contributor

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