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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Portland Home

By Portland Metro Live

PORTLAND, Ore. – Got houseplants? If not, you may want to purchase some for your Portland Home very soon because it doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment, condo, town home or single family home, houseplants have been proven to help improve the indoor air quality especially if you purchase these 5 house plants.


#1 – Jade Plant

Although it’s not “pretty”, this wonderful houseplant has been proven to remove a wide variety of chemicals from the air in any home including paint thinners, adhesives and lacquers.

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#2 – Spider Plant

This plant can easily be found online or at most local nurseries, what’s great about the Spider Plant is that it’s super powerful and has been proven to remove chemicals like ethylbenzene from the air.


#3 – Get A Bromeliad Houseplant for Your Portland Home

Do you live in an apartment or condo where there might be 2nd hand smoke? If so, you should buy a Bromeliad plant because, it’s been proven to wipe out benzene, a toxic gas that can be found in cigarette smoke and besides being beautiful it’s also great for dealing with other common pollutants in the air around a home as well.


#4 – Dracaena

Another great house plant for you to consider purchasing for your Portland home is Dracaena, this house plant is great for dealing with many common pollutants in the air including chemicals found in nail polish remover.


#5 – Caribbean Tree Cactus

Last of all, but most important is the Caribbean Tree Cactus; this is excellent for removing VOC’s from the air in any home and many other chemicals from the air including acetone.