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Hillsboro takes a step towards Portland Foodies

Hillsboro takes a step towards Portland Foodies

It was only several months’ back that times never seem to change in downtown Hillsboro. The same old stores, the same old food places that never seem to be eaten at. Well those times are now FINALLY starting to change for fans on the west side. Hillsboro has welcomed 2 new restaurants into its actual downtown blocks and the food and drinks are EVERYTHING foodies have dreamed for.


337 E. Main Street Hillsboro, OR http://pizzariopdx.com

Some older folks might remember the place as Earth Oven Pizza… no longer known by that name and with a new ownership group in place, but the brick oven pizza is still there for sure. Knocking it out of the park with foodie style artisan pizza direct from the brick oven, Pizzario is open seven days a week and… wait for it… is open LATE too… FINALLY a place in downtown Hillsboro that stays up past 7 PM. Not to mention Beer and wine as well, they also have live music on Fridays and Saturdays with an Open Mic that is actually decent on Sunday night.

If you are not in the mood for pizza though do not worry, they also have pasta dishes that looked amazing, salads, lunch specials, soups, and desserts as well. Our first time there, we had to try the Maui, which is covered in Canadian bacon, pineapple, marinara sauce and 3 different cheeses. Don’t you dare forget about the local taps as well. You don’t have to drive into Portland to get a great tasting local batch anymore, even late at night, no more 40 minute trips into Portland to stay up late… there is finally someplace decent to come. Thank you Pizzario for bringing late night to Hillsboro.

Clarks Bistro


264 E. Main Street Hillsboro, OR https://www.facebook.com/clarksbistroandpub

If you are in the mood for a hell of a sandwich, look no further than the artisans and chefs at Clarks’s Bistro and Pub. Taking up an old Thai restaurant and bar that I never saw anyone even enter, the place is all remodeled, brand new, and looking great. No more, do you have to travel to a long lost food cart in Portland for a great sandwich. The west end was just classed up a bit with the entrance of Clark’s Bistro. Don’t let me forget to mention also, they have live music on the weekends as well. With a full restaurant, bar, pool tables, AND NINTENDO 64 MARIO KART RUNNING 24/7 and free for all to enjoy! I know what you are thinking… Mario Kart? All hooked up and ready for you and your friends to enjoy a pint of a 9% Hard Cider and ramming your friend’s Bowser car off the road as he tries to knock you out of the race with a deadly red shell. It’s the perfect combination if you ask me. If I may make one suggestion when you go there, try the Pull Pork appetizer, which comes on top of French Fries… it definitely sets the tone for the meal you are about to enjoy the crap out of. When you order a sandwich, resist the urge to get fries and get the HOMEMADE Sweet Potato CHIPS, OMG.

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