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Guide to Portland Sports Radio, What to Listen to!

If you’re like me: you like your local sports, and you like your local sports teams a lot. Whether it be the Trailblazers, Beavers, Ducks, Mariners, Seahawks, 49ers, or other local teams, I’ve got your guide to where and when you should tune in on your radio on a daily basis.

 First, I start with one of my favorites, Rip City Mornings with Bunker and Danforth on Rip City Radio 620 AM. This show is 6-9AM every day, the only local sports show in that timeslot. The pair of Bunker and Danforth work well together and get you excited for all the local sports conversations around. With lots of local high-profile guests, Neil Olshey, C.J. McCollum, Meyers Leonard, among them recently, its packed with great intellectual Portland Trailblazers discussion with bits of Mariners Baseball, Seahawks football, and general sports round-up. A show built around Rip City and the Portland Trailblazers, they do a daily run-down of the hottest Blazers topics, as well as mix-in other local Northwest sports. No matter who you are, the pair do a great job at including guests, fans, and twitter followers in their show, so no one is left out. The transition from national to local radio in the mornings has never been easier. I love having Rip City Mornings to listen to in the morning, I am sure others feel the same way.

 Once you’re done at 9 AM, you can take a break and go over to Hard-Count with Dirt and Sprague on ESPN 1080 the Fan. This show comes on Monday thru Friday 10AM-12. This duo has been around for quite some time, talking all the hot local sports topics, as well as touching your national sports topics as well. Dirt and Sprague do a great job at capturing your attention with jokes and constant interaction with fans and followers. Along with the show, you can text during the show, and get involved yourself. If you just want to listen, you’ll have two hosts which make you laugh, and continually do a good job in making fun of each other. Whether you’re listening for sports, to interact, or just to get a laugh in, Hard-Count will have you covered.

 During your lunch, you can listen to a national sports talk radio station, or continue to listen to ESPN with Dusty and Cam from 12-3, Monday thru Friday. They constantly talk NFL Football, and bounce around on the greater national stories, while still putting a local spin on things. Cam and Dusty, both former collegiate football players, are probably your most knowledgeable duo when it comes to football on Portland sports radio.

 After 3 PM, you’ve got a hard choice to make. This is where I usually go back and forth between two radio stations. You’ve got Primetime with Isaac and Suke on ESPN 1080 the fan, or Wheels at Work on Rip City Radio 620AM. If you care about the Trailblazers, local baseball talk, and more structure to your radio listening experience, your best bet is Wheels at Work. Brian Wheeler, the voice of the Trailblazers as well as host of the show, gives you all you need to know about your hometown team, the Trailblazers, while also providing an enjoyable listening experience. He has interviews with a variety of people with many intriguing and interesting questions. Brian, comes across as a very well-spoken, friendly voice, which is easy to listen to.

On the other side, you have Isaac and Suke. The pair make a comedic duo of fun and excitement. They to, have very interesting interviews with various musicians, sports figures, and other local entertainment. The pair create and mash-up sports with various news, funny entertainment stories, creating a big ball of unknown heading into the show. They may tell you they are going to talk blazers next segment, and then end up talking about Kansas City Royals, or running into something they’ve never seen before at the store. You never ever know what you’re going to get with the pair. I know one thing is for certain, you will get a laugh out of these two. While sometimes over the top, the two always make the show interesting and relatable in a variety of ways. Isaac and Suke is on ESPN 1080 the fan, between 3-7PM, Monday thru Friday, while Wheels at Work is 3-5PM on Rip City Radio 620AM. My suggestion? Listen to Wheels for two hours and then head over just in time to catch “The Club” on Isaac and Sukes’ Show.

 Whether you’re looking for a kooky bunch of radio guys or serious local sports radio, Portland definitely has progressed as far as its local programming and offerings. I can’t imagine living in another city without this group of radio shows in my life. While radio may be dying in markets, it certainly makes me feel like Portland isn’t one of them.

Oliver Maroney – PortlandMetrolive.com Contributor