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Find Great Restaurants in the Division / Clinton Area of Portland


By Portland Metro Live

Portland Oregon has been the news a lot lately thanks to the many great restaurants which can be found around town but what many people don’t know is that you can find some fabulous restaurants in the Division / Clinton area of Portland.

Foodie Heaven

If you’re a foodie at heart you’re going to love coming to the Division / Clinton area of Portland Oregon because here you will find a wide variety of restaurants including: American, French, Asian, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Seafood, cafes, doughnuts, wine bars and so much more.

Some of the best restaurants in Division / Clinton should be visited during the time of day that you are in the area.

Breakfast – Broder serves delicious scrambles and hearty skillet breakfasts.

Lunch – Roman Candle Bakery is an excellent establishment to visit if you love pizza, pastries, sandwiches or traditional baked goods.

Dinner – Get over to Pok Pok for some delicious Vietnamese Style Chicken Wings which are also a favorite of Guy Ferrari’s from Diner’s Drive In’s And Dive’s.

On the run snacks – If you’re just driving through Portland Oregon and don’t have time to stop for a sit down meal, no problem! Head on over to any of the excellent food carts in town including Artigiano.


After eating at one of the delicious restaurants off Division / Clinton there are plenty of excellent stores to shop at in the area for unique gifts or eclectic style.

Some of the shops you should consider visiting are: ReBelle’s, Esther Shoes, Mirador Community Store and Little Otsu.

There’s lots to see and do in Portland Oregon all year long and the Division / Clinton area is easily accessible from anywhere in town thanks to PDX Street Car so get out and enjoy Portland!

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