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Don’t Miss High Noon – Portland’s Latest Taco Spot

By Portland Metro Live

High Noon

PORTLAND, Ore. – Another awesome benefit of living in Portland is that we have an endless assortment of great restaurants to choose from any day of the week including Portland’s latest restaurant, a taco spot called: High Noon.

Get To Know High Noon

Owned by Aaron and Jessica Grimmer, co-owners of Barlow Picnic House, High Noon is located at 822 SW 2nd Avenue in Portland.

They are open from 11:00 am to 12:00 am, Monday through Friday, and from 3:00 pm to 12:00 am on weekends.

High Noon PDX - Street Corn

High Noon PDX – Street Corn

High Noon serves delicious fry bread tacos, street corn, tortilla soup and many other delicious favorites that can be found in Mexican food restaurants across Portland Oregon.

About High Noon

The restaurant was started thanks to Jessica Grimmer’s passion for Navajo Frybread or the “Navajo Taco” as it’s known in Southern Utah.

Navajo Frybread is an awesome crisp bread that includes: chili, vegetables, cheeses and an assortment of meats.

Inside the restaurant you will find traditional old west décor including a giant picture of John Wayne from the Big Trail, one of his many iconic movies.

Made To Order

High Noon’s head chef Casey Gipson creates Navajo Frybread made to order where you can choose your own toppings and you should definitely choose one of their dessert scones for desert to top off an excellent meal.

This Portland Oregon restaurant has an excellent location downtown, very friendly staff, drinks and excellent food with a wide variety of flavors.

If you live or work in downtown Portland, stop by High Noon for cocktails or their Frybread today, you will be glad that you did.

High Noon PDX -Interior

High Noon PDX -Interior

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