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Dirt Nasty comes to Dante’s in Portland on Saturday night

Dirt Nasty comes to Dante’s

Dirt Nasty comes to Dante’s

So, it’s Saturday night, you’ve had a little too much Jesus juice and you’re feeling a bit politically incorrect. You had a hard week at work, you need the catharsis of rap music and you want to listen to it in a dark bar with palpable energy and armpit sweat. You also want to listen to a performer who is both funny and irreverent.

On Saturday, January 17 2015 at 9:00 p.m. rapper and actor Dirt Nasty will perform along with the Beastie Boys cover band Grand Royal at Dante’s night club in Chinatown.

With tunes such as Animal Style and Who Farted in the Club, Mr. Nasty otherwise known by his male model name, Simon Rex, offers scatological refrains that are sure to exercise the demons and tickle the funny bones of the angriest and most sarcastic of hearts. Most of his concertos deal with his desire to mate with a variety of young ladies with no emotional or intellectual consequence.

The comely Mr. Nasty began his show biz career as a MTV V-J. Once Hollywood had a gander at him he was soon acting in films such as the Scary Movie franchise, in which he portrayed Eminem and National Lampoon’s Pledge with his former girlfriend Paris Hilton. He has also worked as a Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger model. He made several adult films out of what he claims was desperation in the mid-nineties.

Unlike the stereotypical rapper the half Jewish, forty year old Mr. Nasty grew up in a middle class home in San Francisco, California the son of a relationship coach father and an environmental consultant mother. His seemingly undramatic background has not prevented him from using the usual rapper vernacular. Even though His rap songs are all tongue in cheek, very few of his lyrics or even song titles can be repeated on a family website. According to his website, Mr. Nasty recently started his own talk radio show called Simon Rex on I Heart Radio. His music has obtained a cult following in spite of or perhaps because of its irreverent lyrics. Dirt Nasty

There are several Beastie Boys tribute bands around the country, but Grand Royal obtained their street cred right here in Bridge City. The band is named after the Beastie Boys vanity record label which was started in 1992 and went out of business in 2001. The label even had its own music magazine for a time.

There is no better pace to listen the Devil’s music than in a place named after the man who authored the most famous book about Hell ever written. Dante’s opened up in Portland in 2000. They have hosted everything from famous bands to local burlesque shows since then. Not a Saturday night goes by without the club drawing a healthy crowd. Patrons love the fire pit in the middle of the club and the venue has received several recognitions for being one of the best places to listen to music in the country. Dante’s has the famous Keep Portland Weird sign on the back of its building. They adhere to the fire and brimstone theme by having fetish nights as well as Karaoke from Hell every Monday.

Perhaps the best thing about Dante’s is that it contains Lonesome Pizza which has some very unique topping combinations at a reasonable price. Pizza come with such clever names as Jacques Cousteau vs that stingray that killed the crocodile guy or the vegan pie Rock Hudson vs. Clothes shopping with your mother.

Tickets to the Dirt Nasty show are $15.00 and an early arrival is recommended.

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