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D.B. Cooper Gets Away With It – FBI Closes Investigation after 45 Years

PORTLAND, Ore. – This week the FBI announced that they were finally closing their investigation into D.B. Cooper, a man who hijacked an airplane that he boarded in Portland, Oregon way back in 1971, only to jump from the plane with $200,000 and disappear into history.

Twists and Turns

The investigation into D.B Cooper has taken many twists and turns over the years thanks to television shows like Unsolved Mysteries, and the Internet, because it’s kept the story of Dan Cooper alive when he most likely died after jumping from the plane over Southwest Washington, never to be seen again, since he was only wearing a business suit and a parachute.

Bundles of Money Found

Bundles of money were found in 1980 with serial numbers matching the money that Cooper stole but since then there have not been any credible leads which indicate if D.B. Cooper really survived his jump from the plane or not.

What Really Happened To D.B Cooper?

Did D.B. Cooper escape to Costa Rica with his $200,000? The world will never know.

Was D.B. Cooper a clever criminal who altered his appearance and went on to live a normal life with his $200,000? Sadly, we will never know, but the reality is that $200K wouldn’t have lasted long over 45 years unless he moved to Costa Rica or Brazil.

Smart Move by the FBI

Ending the 45-year investigation is a smart move by the FBI since chasing down every lead costs money, and in these economic tough times, it makes sense for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to redirect their financial resources where the money should be spent instead of chasing down cold leads.

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