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Craig Ferguson comes to the Aladdin Theater on March 5

Sometimes the political correctness of Portland can be a little overwhelming. From the Bernie rallies to the feminist poetry readings, to the culturally sensitive art shows, Portlanders can tend to over think things a bit. Sometimes you want to rebel with a little salty humor. You want to see something cynical that involves a lot of cussing. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a real Bastard from Hell.

On Saturday, March 5, comedian Craig Ferguson, who is known for his politically incorrect attitude will perform at the Aladdin Theater in Portland.

In addition to being a talk show host, standup comedian and actor, the versatile Scotsman was once a member of the punk band, The Bastards from Hell. Mr. Ferguson’s foyer into comedy was inspired by the stage fright he experienced during his first performance with the band. As a result of the experience he created a character called, “Bing Hitler” who was a parody of über-patriotic native folk singers in Scotland.

The character became a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which is the largest arts festival in the world. From there, Mr. Ferguson took his act to America where he was cast on a short lived sit com staring Marie Osmond called, Maybe this Time, on which he played a wise cracking barista.

Fortunately, he soon found another sit com opportunity when he played the role of Nigel Algernon Wick on the Drew Carrey show. The character was a crude Englishman who had no regard for the law or other people’s feelings. In a groundbreaking episode he broke the fourth wall by talking to the audience in his Scottish accent.

His success on The Drew Carey show led to his landing the plumb gig of hosting The Late Late Show. The show was unique in that Mr. Ferguson performed his monolog just a few feet away from the camera. Unlike other talk show hosts, he did not work with a sidekick.

He is also the host of the game show Celebrity Name Game where teams of contestants try to identify celebrities and fictional characters based on a series of clues.

Anyone who ever caught The Late Late Show live can tell you that there was plenty of monologue material that got left on the cutting room floor, or had to be bleeped out, as Mr. Ferguson has a penchant for cussing.

Hi stand-up routine includes plenty of raw language and politically incorrect material. His Netflix concert, I’m Here to Help, includes material about the not wanting to have sex with his wife after seeing her give birth and comparing living with a baby to living with a, “psycho German midget prostitute. “ He also talks about how many of the troubles of the world have been caused by people with great asses, such as Cleopatra, Helen of Troy and Hitler.

Although, most comedians are hardly known for their good looks and base much of their humor on self-deprecation, the tall dark haired Mr. Ferguson is considered quite attractive by his fans. Eighty two percent of women polled on his fan site said they found the six foot two, 53-year-old comedian sexy.

Lest you should think he is just a jester, he also has his serious side. He won the 2009 Peabody Award for Excellence in Broadcasting for his interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. After becoming an American citizen in 2008, he hosted The White House Correspondences Dinner. He wrote the book, America On Purpose about his choice to make the USA his home.

Mr. Ferguson goes on stage at the Aladdin at 8:00 p.m. and tickets to the show are $57.50 in advance and $60.00 at the door.

Eliza Gale – PortlandMetroLive.com Contributor

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