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BRIDGETOWN – Portland, Oregon – Bridges from a Drone

Bridgetown, Portland, Oregon has one of the most beautiful and diverse collection of bridges of all US cities. This video attempts to highlight just the inner city bridges. We hope this video helps you get to know your bridges and next time you’re stuck on the Fremont, just remember how beautiful it is from the air!

About Bridgetown Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon, or “Bridgetown” as it’s also know, has a total of 12 bridges spread across the city that have all been built within the last 100 years. These bridges include:

Sellwood Bridge (1925)
Marquam Bridge (1966)
Ross Island Bridge (1926)
Hawthorne Bridge (1910)
Morrison Bridge (1958)
Burnside Bridge (1926)
Steel Bridge (1912)
Broadway Bridge (1913)
St. Johns Bridge (1931)
Fremont Bridge (1973)
Interstate Bridge (1917-1918)
Glenn Jackson Memorial Bridge (1982)

What’s Your Favorite Bridge In Portland Oregon?

Depending on where you live in Bridgetown you may have a favorite bridge that gets you to and from work each day or to your favorite destination in Portland that you like to travel to on weekends.

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