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Art Walkin’ – Portland First Thursday

Art Walkin' - Portland First Thursday

Art Walkin’ – Portland First Thursday

Art Walkin’

Making an Impression on First Thursday

LOOK, IT’S NOT EASY to distinguish yourself from a crowd, but some tactics work every time. Here’s a short list, inadvertently demonstrated by this month’s viz-art exhibitions:

Go for flashy patterns. Abigail McNamara has rendered maps of suburban sprawl and Matrix-style rows of binary code (ones and zeroes) in glittery gold-leaf on paper and the walls of Duplex (219 NW Couch) as a vague-yet-timely comment on three types of sprawl: natural, man-made, and virtual.

Make everyone wonder if you’re kidding. Is animator Roger Kukes kidding with Theater of the Land at Augen (716 NW Davis), featuring cartoonish paintings of cowboys, Indians, oil wells, and nuclear plants in a sort of 2.5-D landscape suggestive of game worlds? All he’ll confess to is a fascination with the American West. Read More – Portland Mercury.com>