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About Portland Oregon – Learn More about the Mississippi / Williams Area

By Portland Metro Live

Portland Oregon is a city that’s full of adventure, especially if you love great food, and two of the best streets to explore are North Mississippi Avenue and North Williams Avenue because they offer some of the best breweries and restaurants in the United States.

Mississippi / Williams Brewery Tour

One of the best things to do in Portland if you truly want to experience the local brewery scene is to take the Mississippi / Williams Brewery Tour.

On this tour you will be able to experience a variety of great Portland Oregon Breweries including:

  • StormBreaker Brewing
  • Ecliptic Brewing
  • Hopworks Bikebar
  • Lompoc Brewing – Fifth Quadrant
  • Ex Novo Brewing
  • Upright Brewing
  • Widmer Brothers Brewing Company

What’s great about the breweries on the Mississippi / Williams Brewery tour is that they are all laid back breweries with great neighborhood vibes.

Mississippi / Williams Food

After hitting one or more of the local breweries now is the right time for you to start diving into the delicious food that the Mississippi / Williams area has to offer you.

Some of the great area restaurants you should visit here include:

  • Lincoln Restaurant – Awesome rib-eye steak and perfect fettuccini!
  • Tasty nSons – Perfect spot to hit for a brunch. Don’t miss their to die for Moroccan chicken hash.
  • Mississippi Marketplace and Beech Pod – A perfect destination if you love variety since more than a dozen food cart vendors will be here offering everything from vegan BBQ to crêpes

Mississippi / Williams Shops

Once you’ve visited some of the area’s best breweries and restaurants you should hit a few specialty shops in the area including the following:

  • Mississippi Records – Perfect shop for the true music love since they carry tons of great vinyl here including blues, soul and international.
  • Worm Path – Grab your gear here if you plan on hiking or camping this summer.
  • ReBuilding Center – A perfect place to shop if you are remodeling or redecorating your Portland Oregon Home.

Yes the Mississippi / Williams areas is one of the best parts of Portland, Oregon. Don’t forget to visit here during the summer months because there’s always something fun to see or do here during weekends.

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