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A touch of class comes to Portland in January

So it’s the second day of January and both you and your pocketbook are spent. You are ready to break out the beans and ramen and get ready for a month of nights spent at home watching Netflix. But, before you sit down to pay those bills and rue the day you met everyone you spent all that money on, you may want to deny reality and treat yourself to just one more night of revelry and indulgent; after all this is America.

January brings several opportunities to either see how the other half lives or revel in the fact that you are part of the other half. Whether it’s Hollywood glamour, an opulent wedding or a fabulous vacation you crave, there is an event to sate your fantasy.

Golden Globes Viewing Party, RontomsEat, Drink and Be Judgy Golden Globes Viewing Party


Sunday, January 10

The main reason to watch any award show was the late great Joan Rivers. She and her daughter Melissa used to stand on every red carpet and give the over the top formal wear and the ego infused celebrities the treatment they deserved. There may never be another Joan, but the Hollywood award show lives on in all of its campy glory.

On Sunday, January 11 Rontom’s restaurant on Burnside will host its own Golden Globes viewing party presented by Portland Monthly. The event is your chance to buy a fancy gown and walk a red carpet just like that poor, underpaid actress, Jennifer Lawrence.

You will want to arrive at 3:00 p.m. to hear local experts discuss the sociological ramifications of the outfits of the rich and famous. There will be plenty of libations with which to enjoy the show including the bars own Rosemary’s Baby or the Urban Cowboy.

After the red carpet arrivals you can stay for the actual awards and enjoy free giveaways during the commercial breaks. The event itself is free, and you must be twenty one or older to attend.

The Original Portland Bridal Show

The Original Portland Bridal Show

Oregon Convention Center

Saturday, January 16 to Sunday, January 17

 For many people a wedding is the closest thing to the Golden Globes that they will ever experience. The bride and groom are stars for the day, everyone will want their picture and they will be showered with gifts and congratulations.

This event gives soon to be married folks the opportunity to shop for the perfect dress, the best caterer and the tastiest wedding cake without having to drive from place to place and make a bunch of appointments.

The event is advertised to be the largest in the state and should provide newlyweds with a plethora of options for their ideal wedding. If you just can’t help but worry about the cost of a wedding, there will be an ultimate wedding give away to some lucky couple who attends the event.

Tickets to the event are $10.00 in advance and $15.00 at the door. The show is held in movie theater style showings with three shows on Saturday and two shows on Sunday.


Portland Boat Show

Portland Boat Show

Portland Boat Show

Portland Expo Center

Wednesday, January 13 to Sunday, January 17

 If you’re in the market for a yacht or if you’ve just always wondered what one-uh-dem things looks like on the inside, you may want to check out the Portland boat show. For only $10.00 you can take tours of everything from sporting boats, to sailing vessels to luxury yachts.

If $10 is too much for you, you can visit the boat shows website for a two for one coupon at http://www.otshows.com/pbs/the-show/discount-coupon/.

In addition to the many different exhibitors at the show, there will also be several boating organizations there, including The National Weather Service and the Christmas Ships. The United States Coast Guard will also be there with one of their boats on display.

Children under 12 will get in for free and there will be a boat building activity for them to enjoy. The activity is sponsored by Schooner Creek, who will have a display at the event.

Eliza Gale – PortlandMetroLive.com Contributor

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