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70’s rock stars come to Portland in 2016

Recently, there has been an onslaught of seventies nostalgia in American pop culture. If one were to take recent television shows and movies seriously, one would think that life in the seventies consisted of going to discos, popping Quaaludes, enjoying three martini lunches and coming home to latest issue of Playboy and a girlfriend who looks hot and cute in her hip huggers and halter top and who has an adorable concern for the environment. In other words the popular culture has made the seventies look like a whole lot of fun.

In actuality, the hip huggers and halter tops made everyone looked deformed, ludes were often used for date rapes and people stayed home and watched network television and listened to the radio way more than they went out to discos.

The seventies did, however begat several noteworthy musical trends including disco fever, synthesizer concertos and superstar guitar soloist. Two of the most prominent purveyors of these trends were Todd Rundgren and Peter Frampton. 2016 gives Portlanders a chance to see each of these rock superstars in action.

Todd RundgrenTodd Rundgren

January 12

On Tuesday, January 12 the Star Theater will Present Todd Rundgren as part of his “Hot Toddies Tour.” The concert will feature some of his greatest hits and some of his more recent songs from his album Global.

Mr. Rundgren was known for wearing space costumes and heavy makeup while performing his tunes on any of the many instruments that he played. He is known for engineering and producing both his own work and the work of many other artist. Although his best known songs are the 1972 hit, Hello Its Me and Bang on the Drum All Day, much of his music is experimental.

The music on Global deals with environmental issues and issues of world peace. Much of the music on the album is electronic and experiments with sound.

In a 2015 interview about his experimental 2015 album, Runddans Mr. Rundgren  told Smalltown Supersound, that “music sometimes needs to be deconstructed as much as it needs to be constructed.” He said that much of the music on Runddans was improvised and that listening to it was like, “a train ride” taking the listeners though various terrains.

Mr. Rundgren goes on stage at the Star at 8:00 p.m. Tickets to the show are $28.50 and you must be at least 21-years-old to get in the door.

Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton

March 25

If it’s a more traditional sound you prefer, you may want to check out legendary guitar player Peter Frampton on Friday, March 25 at Revolution Hall. The 65-year-old who became famous for playing such hits as Baby, I Love Your Way and Show Me the Way on his electric guitar, will perform an acoustic concert with his son Julian Frampton.

The rocker, who was once best known for his long blond tresses, now sports a short haircut and neatly trimmed beard. However, His famous tenor voice is still intact and audiences on the tour often join in when he sings his better known songs.

The tour which is entitled “Raw: An Acoustics Tour”, is only scheduled for ten cities. The concert includes acoustic renditions of many of Mr. Frampton’s greatest hits.

“I wanted to come out and do something different,” Frampton told the Daily Gazzette. ““No talk box, no gimmicks on this tour,” he said.

Mr. Frampton takes the Revolution Hall Stage at 7:30 on March 25. Tickets to the show start at $69.50. If you are a major Frampton fan you may want to check out the “meet and greet” package for $350.00 which includes front row seats, exclusive fan paraphernalia, and a meeting and picture with the legend himself.

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