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4 Ways To Know When It’s Time To Sell Your Portland Home


Portland, Ore. – 2016 has been the best one of the best years on record for the Real Estate market and if you’re thinking of selling your Portland Home but aren’t sure if you should make the decision to sell yet or not this article will provide you with 4 ways for you to know when it’s time for you to sell your home.

#1 – You’ve Been Studying the Portland Real Estate Market

The first way to know that it may be time for you to sell your Portland Home is if you’ve been regularly studying the local Real Estate market and you’re familiar with things like what comparable homes in the area have sold for, how long they were on the market and what steps you need to take to get your home sold.

#2 – You Have a Plan for Selling Your Portland Home

Another great way to know that it’s time for you to list your home on the Portland Real Estate market is if you have a plan for selling your home which includes things like changes or improvements you need to make to your home before listing it, or what you’re going to ask for your home based on what other homes in your neighborhood may have sold for recently.

#3 – You’re Ready Financially

If you already have 20% saved for a down payment on another Portland Home, and you have excellent credit, these are both excellent signs that you’re ready financially to sell your home and you can even consider buying another home now while your current home is still for sale.

#4 – It’s Time for a Change

Last of all, but most important, one of the top ways to know that you’re ready to buy a Portland Home is that you’re ready for a change and crave a different home with new decorating or design challenges that you can sink your teeth into.